The Government May Be Putting People In Prison On Thanksgiving Day

  • Thank you for the correspondence regarding one of the more recent edicts from our Governor. I will start by saying as the County Sheriff I took an oath to uphold the US and New York State Constitutions and intend to honor that oath. Therefore, we will not be enforcing the ten-person limit in private residences. As my fellow Sheriffs have stated — this order would not be constitutional to enforce nor do there seem to be any enforcement measures included in the order. The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office will not be going into private residences to enforce executive orders — a person’s home is their castle. As a public servant, I will continue to encourage our residents and visitors to recognize the potential dangers of COVID-19 and to practice reasonable measures to keep themselves, their family, and loved ones as well as others they come in contact with safe and healthy. We will continue to respect individual rights and remind people that with every right we have, we also have a responsibility to respect other’s rights. We all have a right to be safe and secure, especially in our homes, and we should respect other’s same right. Now is not the time to be reckless in regards to the pandemic. — Chautauqua County Sheriff James Quattrone
  • I appreciate your concern. I have spoken with several media outlets regarding this topic. I will not be enforcing this mandate.” — Niagara County Sheriff Michael Filicetti
  • We are not encouraging people to have large gatherings in their homes. I want citizens to use their own best judgment and remain safe. We do not have the resources, nor the inclination, to peep into private residences to see how many people are at the dinner table. The Executive Order raises serious Constitutional questions. Serious issues about the right of people to privacy in their homes, the right to be free from warrantless searches, the right to assemble, the right to freedom of religious practice, the right to equal treatment under the law, and the right to have criminal conduct clearly defined by law are all implicated by the Governor’s Executive Order. I think that, rather than issuing orders, which are, at best, impossible to enforce, and, at worst, unconstitutional, the Governor would serve the People of New York better if he used his bully pulpit, not to do more bullying, but rather to encourage our citizens to be cautious, use good judgment in weighing risk factors, protect the vulnerable, and enjoy our families and our great gathering traditions only in ways that are safe until we can get back to normal. — Genesee County Sheriff William Sheron
  • “The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office will not be out enforcing the limited closure order,” said Mims during a Zoom press conference. “I haven’t seen any data that shows between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. that things happen causing a big spread of COVID-19.” “We’re not going to make criminals out of normally law-abiding citizens,” -Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims
  • The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office will not be determining-including entering any home or business-compliance with, or enforcing compliance of, any health or emergency orders related to curfews, staying at home, Thanksgiving, or other social gatherings inside or outside the home, maximum occupancy, or mask mandatesSacramento Sheriff Scott Jones.



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Clayton Craddock

Clayton Craddock

Clayton Craddock is an independent thinker, father of two beautiful children in New York City. He is the drummer of the hit broadway musical Ain’t Too Proud.